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Posted by Olivia Ewing Shoemaker on 8th Nov 2017

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Just like jean sizes, temperature and speed limits, it's an annoying fact that the world can't agree on a single unit of measure for ring sizes.  So you may find yourself browsing through the shop, confident of your ring size 'M' and wondering why the heck I only offer number sizes when you're sure all of the shops in your area size with letters.  But don't worry!  I have you covered!  Click the image below to open my official international ring size conversion chart.  So whether you're an 'M', a '52 1/8' or a '6 1/4', you can be confident you're ordering the right size.

*hint* Pay particular attention to the inside diameter measurement (first column).  If you're getting sized professionally, ask the jeweler to give you this measurement.  Every jeweler interprets sizing and conversion slightly differently (just like size 4 jeans fit differently from every store), but this number reflects the actual measurement size of your ring and will always be constant.

Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart

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