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about me

Design and creation has always been a huge part of my life. From the time I could walk, I was helping my mother, a talented designer and seamstress herself, in her sewing room and making my own clothing for my teddy bears and dolls. This passion that struck me at an early age has stayed with me my entire life and eventually led me to design school, first in Paris and then in New York.

My passion for sewing and clothing has continued; however, the first time I stepped foot in a bead store, I knew that I had found my true love. Jewelry is so tied into emotion and sentiment and I take great pleasure in making something that can make memories last a lifetime. Since creating my first necklace years ago, I have been tirelessly learning everything I can about jewelry, metal and stones and seeking new and creative methods that I can employ in my work.

my inspiration

I am inspired by nature all around me, from the tiny vines that strive to grow in an untilled lot in my Brooklyn neighborhood to the amazingly unchecked growth on the coast of Maine where I spent my summers as a child in my grandfather's cottage. Each moment is equally remarkable, and if I can capture even a fraction of their wonder in my designs, I have accomplished my goal.

mission statement

I am committed to creating uniquely beautiful hand-crafted designs that are entirely produced in the USA. Where possible, all materials used are recycled and recyclable and all stones are ethically harvested.