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7th Jan 2022

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Our Favorite Fairytale Engagement Rings 

A dream come true - Mossy, organic engagement rings that are perfect for the dreamer in your life

Fairies have always been associated with nature, magic, and eternal love, so what better way to let the whole world know how much you admire and cherish her than with an engagement ring designed to look like it was made by fairies themselves? If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring that’s both ethereal and fairytale-like, yet also perfect for everyday wear, these mossy, organic engagement rings are the ones you want. Handcrafted from organic materials like moss, tree bark, and vines by master craftspeople who take pride in their work, each of these rings is as ethereal as it is feminine and as practical as it is beautiful - and your significant other will love them because they’re sure to bring them good luck (or so says the old superstition that moss brings good luck).

Natural Engagement Ring

Bluebell Rough Montana Sapphire Solitaire Ring, shown in white gold

Beautiful and delicate on every finger! Handcrafted to perfection with ethereal materials. A ring fit for a princess who loves her fairytale stories. Our Bluebell Ring is natural and eco-friendly.  Made with an ethereal blue natural Montana Sapphire, this engagement ring is sure to capture any heart. No matter what you're looking for, we have an exotic mossy, woodsy or floral ring that's just right!

Cozy Engagement Ring

Naples Diamond Solitaire Ring, shown in 14K rose gold

Designed by fairies and fashioned by hand, our cozy Naples Ring is the perfect fairytale engagement ring fit for princesses of all sizes. Comfortable, elegant and low set with an ethically sourced brilliant cut diamond.  Make dreams come true with woodland materials.

Ethereal Engagement Ring

Naples Oregon Sunstone Three Stone Ring, shown in 14K rose gold

For fairytale brides-to-be: Our ethereal, fantasy inspired pink Sunstone engagement ring is perfect for the dreamer in your life. Created from woodland materials and fashioned by hand, the mossy organic textures on the band and materials reflect our beautiful forests and hillsides. The moss inspiration represents new growth and nourishment.

Fairytale Engagement Rings

Unity Montana Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, shown in platinum

Our ethereal engagement rings look like they’ve been crafted by fairies themselves. The woodsy, organic texture of the unique and romantic Unity Engagement Ring is a beautiful reminder to brides-to-be that their heart's desire is at hand.  Crafted with a deep teal ocean blue Montana Sapphire and ethically sourced diamonds.

Mossy Organic Engagement Ring

Woodland Montana Sapphire Ring, shown in 14K yellow gold

Woodland Montana Sapphire Ring, shown in 14K yellow gold

Our ethereal, fantasy inspired engagement rings are perfect for the dreamer in your life. Created from woodland materials and fashioned by hand, The Woodland Ring is designed to look like an engagement ring crafted by fairies themselves and fit for a fairy princess.