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Fantasy Inspired Engagement Rings

"Your rings look like they came from a fairytale"

- happy customer


Our ethereal, fantasy inspired engagement rings are perfect for the dreamer in your life.  Created from woodland materials and fashioned by hand, the mossy, organic texture of these rings are designed to look like engagement rings crafted by a fairy and fit for a princess. These engagement rings are made out of trees, the stones are natural and rough and forged directly into the gold.  The raw sapphires and rough diamonds are cast directly into the rings, which means the molten gold is poured around the stone, rather than the stone being set with prongs afterwards. Raw Sapphires have a very long history of meaning going back to the middle ages when people wore them to ward off depression. They were also thought to have healing powers and help connect your body- internally and spiritually- to the universe. But the most important attribute of the sapphire was said to be the protection against sorcery- it was thought to banish evil spirits and send negative spells back to the sender.
Sapphires have been such a popular gemstone for centuries, there's a lot of mythology surrounding them.