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Flora Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring

Oregon Sunstone (5mm)

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Oregon Sunstone (5mm)
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This piece is made to order. View current production estimates here.

The Flora Solitaire Ring features a bi-color red-green Oregon Sunstone surrounded on either side by small leaf details. The nature inspired bicolor green sunstone engagement ring is formed from an actual twig with small budded detail around the band.

I'll find you in the morning sun/ In every lovely summer's day/ In everything that's right and gay/ I'll always think of you.

When you’re in love, everything seems to be a bit better. The sun is brighter and everything that is good and right around you fills you with longing and gratitude for the one you love. Our Flora Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring pays homage to this idea with a round brilliant bi-color Oregon sunstone that is masterfully surrounded by exquisite leaf details. 

Warm red and cool green mix together in a pleasing display of unity while the brilliant cut of the stone effortlessly sends bright shafts of brilliant light into the air. Two small leaves frame the center stone, drawing the eye and adding a distinctive touch of understated elegance encouraging your beloved, whether they're gazing in adoration at their ring or admiring the exquisite beauty of a rosebud, to 'always think of you'.



Sunstone is a sacred gem that glows with the radiance of the sun. Its energy is a powerful representation of the divine masculine, bringing courage, vitality, and strength to those who seek it. In the language of astrology, sunstone resonates with the fiery energy of the Sun, which rules the zodiac sign of Leo. This gemstone is believed to promote creativity, self-expression, and leadership, encouraging us to shine our inner light and share our unique gifts with the world. Sunstone is also said to bring abundance and prosperity, helping us manifest our desires with confidence and grace. As we connect with the spiritual essence of sunstone, we are reminded of our own inner power and encouraged to embrace the fullness of our being.


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Band width 1-2.5mm
Band thickness 1mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) 4mm
Stone diameter 5mm, ~ 0.45 carats

All sunstone are ethically sourced in the USA.

Handcrafted in the USA from recycled and repurposed gold.

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    Vienna Oregon Sunstone Solitaire...

    Posted by Shaylan Jacobs

    I absolutely love my ring! I can't wait to put it on when we are married in November. Olivia's work is so unique. She timelessly captures nature in masterful craftsmanship.