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Thalia Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring

Oregon Sunstone (4mm)

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Oregon Sunstone (4mm)
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The Thalia Solitaire Ring features a 4mm vibrant Oregon Sunstone placed on a rustic textured band sculpted from a real twig.

Sunstone is a natural gemstone found in the Ponderosa Mine, Oregon. Each stone varies slightly in color and shade.

Of all the flowers I met on the way, only your dainty bosom showed me the court of the day.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Thalia was considered one of the three Graces and nine Muses. The eighth born, she is said to inspire comedy, idyllic poetry, and art inspired by the natural world. With her joyous and flourishing nature and sunny disposition, Thalia served as a muse in the creation of our Thalia Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring.

Like the muse that shares its name, the Thalia Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring is sparked by nature and features a vibrant pink 4mm Oregon sunstone at its center. The stone is set within a solid gold or platinum band, providing additional unique rustic natural details that have been preserved within its shimmering and appealing band.

Celebrate the muse in your own life with the Thalia Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Engagement Ring.



Sunstone is a sacred gem that glows with the radiance of the sun. Its energy is a powerful representation of the divine masculine, bringing courage, vitality, and strength to those who seek it. In the language of astrology, sunstone resonates with the fiery energy of the Sun, which rules the zodiac sign of Leo. This gemstone is believed to promote creativity, self-expression, and leadership, encouraging us to shine our inner light and share our unique gifts with the world. Sunstone is also said to bring abundance and prosperity, helping us manifest our desires with confidence and grace. As we connect with the spiritual essence of sunstone, we are reminded of our own inner power and encouraged to embrace the fullness of our being.


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Band width 1-2mm
Band thickness 1-2mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) 4.5mm
Stone size 4mm, ~ 0.20ct

Ethically sourced and locally mined sunstone

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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