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Here at Olivia Ewing Jewelry, I make mini works of art inspired by the natural world around us. 

I'm known for my organic nature inspired tree bark jewelry and timeless wedding rings, and my authentic hands-on approach sets me apart from the rest.  Each piece I create begins by casting an element directly from nature.  

I work with twigs, bark, shells, driftwood, even feathers (just about anything is castable!).  Every piece is created by hand directly from the source.  I never use computers.  By making a mold of the twig (or bark, shell, feather...) I can create a wax model that is carefully sculpted, manipulated and carved to form a precious piece of jewelry. The result is a timeless creation that preserves the earth's preciousness.  Each piece is unique, retaining all of the natural organic textures from its natural form.

Every piece in my shop is made to order and highly customizable.  I specialize in creating a personal experience for each and every couple. Learn more about my custom pieces here.



My jewelry is made from high quality sustainable materials. I work with only refined and recycled precious metals.  This means each piece is created from reclaimed jewelry and does not support new mining of our earth's resources.  I work with only trusted gemstone suppliers that can ensure the ethical sourcing of their stones. And always, each and every piece is hand crafted in the USA and made to order just for you.