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Lab Created Forever One Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is a brilliant economically and environmentally-conscious alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring. Moissanite is lab created from natural materials and rivals the beauty, hardness and sparkle of a diamond. Forever One Moissanite is colorless (D/E/F) and near flawless (IF-VS1). All of my Moissanite engagement rings are set with genuine certified Moissanite of the finest quality. Each handmade Moissanite engagement ring is sculpted from natural materials and created in solid recycled gold and platinum. Made entirely in the USA.
A Moissanite ring is a great alternative for nature brides that love a little sparkle but are uncomfortable with the price tag and implications of a traditional diamond engagement ring (though all of my diamonds are ethically sourced, as well!). Each ring in my Forever One Moissanite engagement ring collection, including my Moissanite solitaire rings, is handmade to order and each Moissanite is placed low in the setting for a comfortable and unobtrusive engagement ring design.