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Rough Uncut and Faceted Montana Sapphires

Every Montana sapphire I work with has been ethically sourced right here in the United States. I hand-select each Montana sapphire that I use from a brilliant selection of blues, teals, greens, whites and yellows, making every Montana sapphire ring one of a kind and unique.  Raw Montana Sapphire gemstones come from natural mines along the Missouri River in Montana, USA.  I work directly with several ethical and environmentally conscious miners in the area to source the most beautiful sapphires.  Each stone is entirely rough, uncut and untumbled- exactly as it's found in the earth.  The rough stones are cast in place directly into your gold or silver ring for a secure, natural and organic looking fit.  Every Montana sapphire engagement ring in this collection is sculpted entirely by hand and every piece is made to order.  You have the opportunity to preview and select each stone that will be set into your ring. Buy sapphire engagement rings above.