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Unique Sapphire Engagement Ring Designs

One of a kind handmade gemstone engagement rings set with natural vibrant blue, strawberry pink and diamond-like white sapphires.
The ethically sourced sapphires in this collection are hand selected from some of the finest, most vibrant Ceylon sapphires available.
Ceylon Blue sapphires are unique for their intense deep blue color that playfully changes tone depending on the lighting. You can easily get lost gazing into the galaxy-like depths of these blue sapphires. White sapphires offer the clarity, color and near identical hardness and durability of a diamond at a more attainable price. Their slightly more subdued sparkle make them the perfect complement for your rustic nature inspired engagement ring setting. A great choice for the outdoorsy bride that doesn't want the fuss of a diamond. Every blue, pink and white sapphire in my engagement ring collection, including my White Sapphire Solitaire rings and more, is responsibly sourced to order and set in recycled 14 karat or 18 karat gold or platinum.