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Rough Stone Engagement Rings

Showcasing the natural uncut beauty of stones exactly as they were formed within the earth millions of years ago.  My rough cut diamond engagement rings feature an impressive and colorful collection of uncut diamonds and Rough Montana Sapphires.  Each stone is 100% natural and unique. Our rough cut Montana Sapphire rings come in a lovely array of blues, greens, oranges and violets.  Each Montana sapphire is ethically and sustainably mined in the USA. Our raw diamond engagement rings each feature a gem-quality hand selected and sustainably harvested natural uncut octahedron diamond.  Behold the power and magic of nature, embodied in our collection of raw stone engagement rings. Our rings are not just jewelry, but a reflection of the natural world around us, a tangible connection to the earth and its energy. Each stone has a story to tell, millions of years in the making, shaped by the forces of nature into the unique and striking pieces you see before you. With our rings, you carry a piece of the earth with you always, a reminder of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day. As astrologers know, the planets and stars have a profound effect on our lives, shaping our destinies and influencing our paths. Our rings incorporate the mystical power of astrology, with each stone imbued with the energy and vibration of the universe. Whether you are drawn to the fiery orange of a Montana Sapphire or the cool blue of a diamond, each stone has its own personality and character, reflecting the cosmic forces that brought it into being. We believe in ethical and sustainable practices, both in our sourcing and our craftsmanship. Our rough cut Montana Sapphires are mined in the USA, following strict environmental and social standards, ensuring that the land is protected and the workers are treated fairly. Our diamonds are hand selected and sustainably harvested, with a focus on preserving the natural landscape and supporting local communities. When you choose one of our rings, you can feel good knowing that it not only looks beautiful, but also represents a commitment to the planet and its people.