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Where is your jewelry made?

All of my jewelry is made in the USA, specifically in New York and New Jersey.  I partner with a few craftsmen in New York for stone cutting, stone setting, hand engraving and metal casting.  All other work- design, wax carving, sizing, cleaning, polishing, etc is done by myself in my studio in Bedminster, NJ.

How do I determine the correct ring size to order?

Read my blog post with a few helpful hints about figuring out the right ring size.  I always recommend getting professionally sized when possible, but in a pinch the ring sizer is a great guide. 

Do you accept payment plans?

I am currently partnered with PayPal credit to offer financing on all collection pieces.  Select the PayPal credit icon on the cart page to initiate authorization.  Custom orders are split into two equal payments; a 50% deposit followed by the final payment upon completion of the project.

Do you use conflict free diamonds and stones?

Yes.  I only work with trusted, reputable suppliers that provide certification on the ethical status of their stones.

I'm worried about blood diamonds, can you provide a certificate stating that my diamond was ethically sourced?

The current practice in the diamond industry certifies that rough diamond lots were mined in keeping with the Kimberley Accord (i.e. ethically mined).  What this means is that uncut parcels are certified, not individual cut stones.  There is currently no industry accepted certification for individual stones.  Rather, dealers pledge the ethical status of their supply and this guarantee is noted on their trade invoices.  I only work with a select few suppliers that make this guarantee. 

Are your diamonds certified?

All stones half carat (0.50ct) and larger stone are GIA certified indicating quality, color and carat weight.  Smaller stones can be certified at an additional fee.  Certification on smaller stones may add an additional 4-6 weeks to the production time of the ring as certification is timely and costly. 


Where can I see the jewelry in person?

I do not sell my jewelry in any retail locations; however, I happily schedule appointments to view the complete collection at my studio in New Jersey. I'm located about 50 miles outside both Manhattan and Philadelphia.  Appointments can be made Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.  Email me here or call 908-696-7331 to schedule.

Do you work with couples remotely?

Absolutely! I have worked with couples all over the world to create their custom visions.  Initial discussions to talk about the design vision and expectations can be done over the phone, via FaceTime or through email.  Followup communications are done via email.  Each custom piece goes through several stages of prototyping and design.  Through each stage, I send very detailed photos and videos to allow you to see the progress and make comments and changes every step of the way.  This  takes away a lot of the apprehension and guess work out that you can often feel when ordering something custom.  By the time your piece is done, you know exactly how it will look and it will look exactly as you want it.

Can I change the stone or color of a stone in a collection piece?

Every piece in my collection is made to order.  This means that small changes and customizations can be made to anything in the collection.  If a stone exists, I can source it!  So if you don't see a particular stone used elsewhere in my collection, don't worry, I can find one for you.  Please email me for timing and pricing inquiries.

Can I change the metal of a collection piece?

As mentioned above, customizations can be made on any piece in my collection.  I work with all precious metals: sterling silver, 14K, 18K, 22K gold, platinum and palladium.  I don't work with titanium or tungsten.  Because it's such a soft metal, sterling silver cannot be used for any engagement ring or pave styles. 

Can I provide my own twigs?

Absolutely!  One of the most romantic and meaningful ways to customize your engagement ring is to create an original custom style from twigs that you gather.  I've worked with twigs from so many locations- her childhood backyard, a twig from her childhood yard twisted with a twig from his childhood yard, a tree from the park the couple walked in on one of their first dates,  a twig from a tree in the city they met, a tree along their favorite hike, from the backyard of their first home together, from their favorite vacation spot, from their first vacation spot.  There are literally limitless possibilities of meaning you can put into a tree.  It's a beautiful way to capture the memory of your relationship in something that you'll be wearing everyday for the rest of your life.   Please see 'Custom Information' for more details and email me to get started!

How long does it take to make a custom design?

Depending on the complexity of the design and the degree of customization, custom orders can take anywhere from four weeks to six months or more.  In general, if you are customizing a stone or the metal in an existing design, this can add about two weeks to the production time.  The timeline for fully custom pieces will be discussed in the initial design consultation but generally require a minimum of eight weeks.

Can I send you an heirloom stone to set in my ring?

I do work with certain heirloom stones.  Please be prepared to send photos carat weight and dimensions of your stone.  All stones should have an independent evaluation and be fully insured.  You assume all risk of any damage that could occur to the stone.  This is why I strongly recommend an evaluation.  If your stone has a flaw in it, for example, there's a chance that damage could occur during the setting process.   All stones must be shipped to me fully insured and unmounted.  Please contact me to arrange and discuss pricing before shipping any stones.  I work with heirloom diamonds, sapphires and rubies only.  I do not work with provided new stones - I use stones with sentimental value only, not independently sourced stones.  Additional fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis for provided heirloom stones.

Are custom designs exclusive?

Unless previously discussed, I own the rights to all custom designs and may replicate part or all of a custom design to sell in my shop.  However, when I reuse a custom design, I often make significant enough changes to preserve the uniqueness of your piece.   

Can I order a  setting without the center stone?

No.  I do not sell unfinished work (i.e., settings without a center stone).  Each setting is made to order with a specific stone in mind.  

Do you offer engraving?

Yes, I offer hand engraving on most of my pieces.  Some of the rings are too tiny for engraving, but most engagement and wedding bands can be engraved.  Please allow an additional four weeks to the production time.  Please email me for pricing and inquiring about adding personalized engraving to your order.  


Do you offer a warranty?

All jewelry is covered by a one year warranty which covers the cost of all repairs under normal wear for the first twelve months after purchase. However, if the ring or jewelry is noticeably bent, shows improper care, or is damaged in any other manner, I will make repairs at a cost.  Center stones are not covered under the warranty.  For this reason, I strongly encourage you to insure all jewelry and properly inspect your ring every six months.  If stones feel loose, stop wearing your ring and contact me immediately to arrange for the prongs to be tightened.  Pave and inset stones will be replaced free of charge within the first year.  Shipping fees both ways are not covered by the warranty and must be paid by the buyer.

After the first twelve months,  all repairs will be done for a fee.

Please note, that if any jeweler other than myself makes any alterations or repairs to your jewelry (including resizing), the  warranty will be voided.

How can I get my piece repaired?

If your jewelry needs repair or alteration, please contact me to arrange.  Be prepared with your order number or purchaser's full name. 

What do I do if I lose a stone?

Small pave and inset stones will be replaced within the first year free of charge.  If you lost your center stone or side stone (in the case of the Three Stone and Four Stone styles) contact your insurance company immediately to file a claim.

I love my  ring, but it is the wrong size. What do I do??

I do offer resizing at a fee.  Please contact me for a price quote and to arrange reshipping.  Some styles are very difficult and costly to resize, so  every effort should be made to order the correct size.  I'm happy to help figure out sizing in advance!

Any resizing done by an outside jeweler will void your jewelry's warranty.  The buyer is responsible for shipping fees both ways.  All jewelry must be shipped fully insured.  Please contact me to arrange.

Do you provide insurance?

I do not provide insurance through my shop.  I recommend first contacting your renter's or homeowner's insurance about adding your jewelry to your current policy.  There are also several independent jewelry insurance companies that may be able to cover your piece.  I have no direct knowledge of the company, but I have had past clients that have successfully worked with Jeweler's Mutual.

Can I get an appraisal or evaluation report?

I am happy to provide you with an evaluation report to document the retail value of each piece for insurance purposes once your purchase is complete. Please note, however, that an evaluation report is not an appraisal. A formal appraisal requires an independent assessment by a certified appraiser, and is unfortunately not a service that I can offer.


Can I rush my order if I need it sooner than the said production time?

If you know that you need your piece by a specific date, please contact me before or as soon as you place your order.  Every piece in my shop is made to order so certain rush requests are impossible to fulfill.  Rush fees apply for any guaranteed delivery under 3 weeks, when possible.  

Do you ship jewelry fully insured?

Absolutely!  All jewelry is shipped fully insured.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship my jewelry all over the world.  Certain countries have import laws restricting the value of fine jewelry packages coming into the country.  You are responsible for being aware of any laws and restrictions governing your country.  All import taxes and VAT fees are the sole responsibility of the client.  I do not accept any returned packages due to unpaid fees.

What are my shipping options?

All packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  Priority Mail Express and UPS shipping is available as an upgrade option at checkout.

What is your return policy?

Because each item is my shop is specially made to order for the purchaser, I can't accept returns or exchanges. Please make sure you ask as many questions as needed prior to purchasing so that you feel comfortable with your decision.  I'm always available to answer questions! 

I start working on orders as soon as they come in to ensure timely delivery. If you need to cancel your order, please contact me within 24 hours to do so.

All custom orders are final sale.  No returns, no exchanges, no cancellations, no exceptions.   However, if for any reason you're unhappy with your piece or would like it altered, please contact me to arrange a happy solution.  I've never had a custom client unhappy with the final product, but once or twice a tweak has been made to get there.