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Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Our Gemstone rings feature a unique selection of handcrafted engagement rings set with gorgeous and colorful alternative gemstones. Each colorful engagement ring features a hand-selected gold rutilated quartz, bi-color watermelon tourmaline, the finest white Australian opal, natural rubies and vibrant round cut emeralds in one of a kind nature inspired twig engagement ring settings. Every stone is carefully selected for your individual ethical gemstone engagement ring, responsibly sourced and set in 100% recycled gold and platinum. Rutilated quartz is an elegant and unique choice for an engagement ring stone. Each stone is adorned with a fully unique pattern of tiny gold threadlike strands of rutile that make the stone entirely one of a kind. Known as the 'illuminator", rutilated quartz brings and intense energy to your engagement ring. Watermelon Tourmaline contains hints of pink, green and a touch of white. It's known as the "Master Heart" crystal and brings a soft loving vibe to your engagement ring. Australian White opal is associated with love and passion, making it a highly romantic choice for an engagement ring stone. It's thought to heighten emotional feelings and enhance loyalty and faithfulness.  White opal is unique to Australia's Lightening Ridge.  It's the palest of opals, with a milky white color and a striking undertone of colorful flashes. In addition to the exquisite gemstones, our twig engagement ring settings are inspired by the natural world around us. Each setting is handcrafted to mimic the twisting branches and delicate leaves of a forest. We believe that nature has a mystical power that can be harnessed to bring joy and love into our lives. By incorporating elements of nature into our jewelry designs, we hope to bring a touch of this magic to your engagement. Astrology plays a significant role in the selection of gemstones for our engagement rings. Each stone has its own unique properties and energies that can influence your life and relationships. We work closely with our team of astrologers to select gemstones that align with your astrological sign and birth chart. By choosing a gemstone that resonates with you on a deeper level, you can harness its energy and amplify your own personal power. We believe that our gemstone engagement rings are more than just pieces of jewelry. They are symbols of love and commitment, infused with the power of nature and the cosmos. Our rings are designed to not only look stunning but to also bring positive energy into your life. Whether you're looking for a unique and colorful alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring or simply want to connect with the mystical properties of gemstones, our collection has something for everyone.