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Unique & Ethically Sourced Diamond Engagement Rings

Each of my diamond engagement rings is a treasure from the earth, hand-selected for its ethical and responsible sourcing. I work only with a select group of trusted diamond merchants, who guarantee that each diamond is mined with the Kimberley Accord and the environment in mind. If you're looking for a natural engagement ring that's as unique as you are, look no further than the ethically sourced diamond engagement ring collection by Olivia Ewing Jewelry. Handmade in New Jersey from natural twigs and cast entirely in recycled gold and platinum, these organic diamond rings for women retain their earthy, natural texture and low profile. Each non-traditional engagement ring is hand sculpted from a real twig entirely unique; they are so comfortable, they feel as though they were always there. My sustainably sourced diamond engagement ring collection is a celebration of nature, featuring rings sculpted by hand from real twigs and crafted using traditional jewelry methods. Each ring is a one-of-a-kind creation, with the natural, earthy texture of the twig preserved in the final design. With care given to every detail - from environmental sustainability to ethical sourcing of diamonds - these handcrafted engagement rings prove that it doesn't take a lot of extra frills to make something extraordinary. For those who are looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to natural diamonds, Olivia Ewing Jewelry also offers lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are grown in a controlled environment using advanced technological processes that mimic the natural diamond-growing process. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds and are a great option for those who want a diamond that's free from any ethical concerns associated with traditional diamond mining. Lab-created diamonds are also a more affordable option, allowing you to get a bigger and better-quality diamond for your budget. The ethical diamond ring collection by Olivia Ewing Jewelry is the perfect choice for the conscious bride who wants to wear her love for the earth on her finger. The diamonds in these rings are not only beautiful, but also hold a deep spiritual meaning. They are said to symbolize eternal love and to radiate positive energy. They are believed to be connected to the stars, bringing light and positivity to those who wear them. The diamonds are set low in the ring's design, creating a comfortable and understated look that is perfect for the active, outdoorsy bride. These ethical diamond engagement rings are not only a symbol of love, but also a reminder to cherish and honor the earth and to align with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. They are a promise to live in harmony with nature.