5mm Monhegan Ring


Cast from real birch bark in recycled sterling silver, palladium, gold or platinum this ring has a rustic naturally organic texture. The inside surface of the ring is polished smooth and the outside is lightly oxidized to accentuate the natural surface of the bark

Ring specs: 

Band width 5mm
Band thickness 2mm

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5 stars out of 5

We couldn't be happier with the Monhegan Mens' 5 mm and Women's wedding rings in white gold.

Laura on 28th Apr 2015
The rings are thick, not flimsy. The coloring and the detailing is amazing. It really looks like a piece of gold birch bark is wrapped around my finger, which is exactly what we wanted. I also bought the Rose Gold Harmony Ring which is very cute. I had a few questions about the rings so communicated with Olivia via esty. She responded quickly, offered great advice, and was very friendly. I would highly recommend Olivia Ewings's Monhegan rings (or any of her items). I'm already looking at what item of hers I want to buy next! Thanks Olivia for your amazing work!