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1. Do you accept payment plans?

Payment plans are accepted on custom orders only. Please contact us directly to arrange.

2. Are your diamonds ethically sourced and certified?

All stones over .47 carats come with GIA or AGI certification indicating quality, color and carat weight. We only source diamonds from suppliers that can guarantee that the sourcing of their stones complies with the Kimberley process for ethically mined diamonds.

3. Can I provide my own twigs?

Absolutely!  Please see 'Custom Information' for more details.

4. Are custom designs exclusive?

Unless previously discussed, we own the rights to all custom designs and may replicate part or all of a custom design to sell in the shop.

5. What do the names of your pieces mean?

I grew up spending summers on the coast of Maine and still go back there as often as possible to soak up nature and get new inspiration. To honor this source of inspiration, all of my pieces are named after towns in Maine.