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Hi, I'm Olivia Ewing Shoemaker - Ewing is my middle name and I got the last name when I married my best friend and childhood playmate.  Most days you'll find me in our 18th century farmhouse in Pittstown, NJ wearing my wool slippers and working in my upstairs studio space. I keep the windows open while I work so the morning breeze can bring with it the sounds of birds singing at our garden down below.

I'm the jeweler, designer and creator behind Olivia Ewing Jewelry. I'm known for my organic twig engagement rings, but I actually started out my career designing accessories for a few pretty large companies. Sitting behind my air-tight, air conditioned desk with no contact to nature and no connection with the ladies I was actually creating for left me feeling pretty bleak. When I finally left my job in 2014, I vowed to grow my business as large as I could but only to the point where I can personally get to know, interact and design for each and every one of my brides and grooms. I have an amazing and carefully selected team of suppliers and craftsmen and women all over the country that I work with on some of the more technical aspects of the jewelry making process.

My aesthetic was heavily influenced by my childhood summers spent among the amazingly unchecked growth surrounding my grandfather's cottage on the coast of Maine.  An avid young collector of sea glass, driftwood and shells, the compulsive desire to gather and cherish small natural treasures is one that has never left me (my husband fondly refers to my foraging habit as 'building my squirrel's nest').  The beauty I discover in these collections forms the core identity of my brand.

I work with couples who are looking for something really unique to represent their love. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind custom piece or a made to order ring in my collection, I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people that allow me to bring them a little piece of handcrafted nature.