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Posted by Geoff Williams, Olivia Ewing Shoemaker on 14th Jan 2021

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Olivia Ewing was recently featured as an engagement ring expert in US News & World Report!  You can read the full story with lots of useful tips on selecting the perfect ring here, or continue below for the highlights...


"I think the idea of spending three months' salary is very antiquated. It's unsustainable for most couples these days, and a lot more couples are making financial decisions together," says Olivia Ewing Shoemaker, who owns Olivia Ewing Jewelry in Pittstown, New Jersey.

In other words, put a check on your spending so you can live in a house and not a poorhouse.

"It's more important for a lot of couples to spend a smaller amount on a ring that's a meaningful symbol to their relationship and jointly save the difference for travel, a house, etc. Just like a lot of millennial couples are opting for smaller weddings, I see a trend in purchasing smaller rings,"


Sustainability and ethics are very important to a lot of younger couples today, and the origin of the stone is definitely something to look for," ... "Beyond ethically sourced diamonds, a lot of couples are opting for U.S. lab-grown diamonds, moissanite or even alternative, domestically mined stones like Montana sapphire or Oregon sunstone."