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Dark Teal Blue Pear Cut Montana Sapphire


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Dive into the captivating allure of this Dark Teal Blue Pear Cut Montana Sapphire, a gem that effortlessly marries elegance with depth. The profound hue, reminiscent of the vast and mysterious depths of the ocean, evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. This exquisite stone not only boasts a captivating visual appeal but also carries the symbolic significance associated with sapphires, representing wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. Its unique pear cut enhances the gem's inherent brilliance, making it a timeless and enchanting choice for those seeking a jewel that resonates with both style and meaning.

Size: 5.0 x 6.85mm

Weight: 0.65ct

Shape: Pear

Origin: Montana, USA

Treatments: Heat

Quality: Included

Loose gemstones MUST be purchased in conjunction with a made to order setting.  Gemstones cannot be purchased separately and settings cannot be purchased without gemstones.  View our settings selection to pair with this stone.


diameter 5.0 x 6.85mm
weight 0.65ct

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