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Elongated Rose Cut Gold Straw Rutilated Quartz


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Elongated rose-cut gold straw rutilated quartz reveals a fascinating story within its golden threads. This gemstone, with its intricate patterns resembling captured rays of sunlight, represents clarity, illumination, and the unearthing of hidden truths. Rutilated quartz is believed to dispel negative energy and promote spiritual growth, making it a unique and empowering addition to your collection.

Size: 6.04 x 7.77mm

Weight: 1.32ct

Shape: Elongated cushion cut

Quality: included/ rutilated

Treatments: none

Loose gemstones MUST be purchased in conjunction with a made to order setting.  Gemstones cannot be purchased separately and settings cannot be purchased without gemstones.  View our settings selection to pair with this stone.


diameter 6.04 x 7.77mm
weight 1.32ct

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