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Intricate Lace Oval Moss Agate


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Discover the ethereal charm of the Intricate Lace Oval Moss Agate, a gem that enchants with its unparalleled grace. Delicate tendrils of moss-green intricacies elegantly weave through the translucent, oval-shaped canvas, evoking the allure of nature's most enchanting patterns. The stone's surface reveals a mesmerizing dance of lace-like formations, each thread narrating a story etched in time. This agate surpasses conventional beauty, inviting admirers to explore its intricate tapestry, where the echoes of ancient landscapes resonate through its elegant design.

Carat: 1.00ct

Size: 8.1 x 6.1mm

Shape: Oval

Quality: Included

Treatments: None

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weight 1.00ct
diameter 8.1 x 6.1mm

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