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13th Nov 2023

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It's Thanksgiving, and you and your loved ones are gathered around the dining room table, the room cozy and dimly lit. The delicious aroma of turkey, stuffing, and gravy fills the air, and everyone takes a moment to express gratitude for the year's blessings before digging in. As you gaze at your partner, you know in your heart that it's time to ask the most important question of your life.

Looking to pop your own question this season of thanks? We've curated five unique and unforgettable Thanksgiving marriage proposal ideas that will make your holiday extra special. 


Get positively autumnal with a nature-filled proposal this Thanksgiving season. Imagine you and your loved one surrounded by ochre and orange hues, falling leaves, and the crisp air filled with promise of the great outdoors. Think nature trails, a beloved local park, or even beneath shady trees in your family’s very own backyard! 

Autumn is a time for harvesting crops both in nature and within our relationships. What better time to take it to the next level? As you have tended to the strong, steady growing love between the two of you, what has been planted is ready to be plucked and celebrated. Propose to your love and take a hike into forever with a nature-inspired Thanksgiving proposal.

What better accompaniment to an outside proposal than with a ring that is equally rooted in the natural world. We love the autumnal hue of creamy yellow gold jewelry and when paired with the delicate twisting of twig-inspired engagement rings, you really can’t go wrong. 



When considering a proposal on Thanksgiving it’s important to consider your SO’s family (or your own). Do you have a close knit family that adores your significant other just as much as you do? If so, a Thanksgiving proposal surrounded by loved ones might be the highlight of the week for you and the whole family!

If you’re flying into a city to visit family, see if they’d be willing to hold up signs for you and your soon-to-be life partner for a stunning showstopper of a public proposal at the airport. Or, if you’re stuffed to the gills after a sumptuous Thanksgiving supper, why not go on a brisk family walk to get the digestion flowing? There in front of your family (or theirs!) get down on one knee to “tie your shoe and use it as an opportunity to give your loved one the surprise of their life.

Whatever you choose, family is forever-and including yours in your special romantic moment can help remind you to cherish togetherness as you begin your own little families. Want to pay homage to the beauty of family? Consider a ring reminiscent of a family tree itself, with hand crafted branches that will bring the two of you even closer together than before. 


Curious about the idea of a Thanksgiving proposal during the dinner itself? Say no more, just pass the potatoes and pass the engagement ring! Why not ask for forever from your love during your Thanksgiving meal. Imagine breaking into a savory dinner roll to find a delicate diamond, nestled in the middle, ready to go on your loved one’s finger! If your partner has more of a sweet tooth, let’s pass the pumpkin pie, with a shimmering, ethereal plume ring atop a lofty plume of whipped cream! If you love to keep your partner guessing, proposing during Thanksgiving dinner can incorporate a delicious element of surprise and give elders (and future you!) a story to tell the grandkids!


Looking for a Thanksgiving wedding proposal idea that’s as unique as the two of you? Show your partner just how much you appreciate them with a fun-filled scavenger hunt. As part of your Thanksgiving proposal, set up sweet clues at memorable destinations, for example; where you had your first date, your first kiss, the final place you knew you wanted to marry them in the first place. Your fun-loving, adventurous partner will love how thoughtful you’ve been to have planned out this exciting Thanksgiving proposal idea. 

And of course, at the end of the hunt, surprise them with the ultimate treasure. A custom engagement ring that is as unique as they are. Mix and match gemstones with settings for the perfect engagement ring that is sure to take their breath away. 

A Volunteer Proposal 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express gratitude for all the abundance and love in our lives year round. Why not give back to the community to better appreciate what you do have? Have you ever considered proposing to your loved one while doing volunteer work? The measure of a person is not what they have, but what they do for others who do not have as much. Show your love that no matter where life takes you, through the fat times and lean, that you’ll always be there for them. Take the light of your life to ladle soup for the less fortunate at a soup kitchen. Spend some time grocery shopping or organizing shelves and inventory for the local food pantry or see what you can do to provide holiday presents for needy families with children. Spending time together reflecting on all the bounty in your lives including each other can make for a heartwarming, (happy) tear-filled Thanksgiving proposal neither of you will ever forget.



Whether you’re making your partner swoon beneath orange skies in a nature setting, getting all of the family involved in a group proposal, popping the question during Thanksgiving dinner, leading your love on a scavenger hunt to “I do” or giving back to the community, Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to propose to the love of your life. There is a season for everything, and this time of year is a time for gratitude in all things, but especially with our loved ones. Reap what has been sown with your love and consider proposing on Thanksgiving for a heartwarming and resounding, “I do!” Have you figured out your plan, but need a ring to request the hand? Find your heart’s desire at Olivia Ewing jewelry today!