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5th Feb 2024

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A brisk January New Year’s greetings to all our trend-setting lovers out there! Looking to pop the question in 2024? Keep it cool with these hot 2024 engagement ring trends that are sure to have your partner ‘I do’-ing resolutely. While engagement ring trends are known to come and go, we have a feeling that the following oft-loved trends are here to stay. So whether you love bezel rings, colored stones, cluster settings, or more, we have something for everyone. Read on to discover the top engagement ring trends for 2024, featuring the latest styles and designs that are sure to make hearts skip and heads turn.


As we embrace the outdoors, we find ourselves wanting a heartier engagement ring that will hold up to life’s rough and tumble nature. And whether we’re going out for a hike, run, or simply repotting plants on our patio come spring, we don’t want the hassle of taking our beloved rings off and on just to live our lives.

Fortunately, one of the top engagement ring trends for 2024 is the bezel set ring. A bezel set engagement ring features a gemstone that is set securely within a bezel setting, with the gemstone safely encased in metal, gemstones of all Mohs ratings maintain the ability to be safe from scratches and any unnecessary dings.

But bezel set rings are not just super secure, they’re also stunning on the wearer’s finger. Bezel settings draw attention to the center stone thanks to the thin strip of metal that covers its sides. And when it comes to bezels, the sky's the limit thanks to the various combinations of metal and gemstones-from diamonds to Moissanite and topaz to pearls.

Feast your eyes upon the Clarabelle Moissanite Bezel ring by Olivia Ewing jewelry for a perfect example of a darling bezel classic. The Clarabelle ring features a sparkling 4 mm Forever One moissanite gem encased in the bezel setting, set to showcase, dazzle, and protect. The ring itself comes in platinum or solid gold and is an envy to nature lovers with its twig-like rendered band. With the Clarabelle ring and other bezel settings, we’ll never have to fuss with taking our rings off to enjoy the outdoors again!



Lovers of color unite! All the 2024 engagement ring trends point towards colored gemstones as a perfect centerpiece for newly engaged couples. Colored stone engagement ring trends have been on the rise, as contemporary couples find themselves moving away from traditional diamonds to more colorful gemstones.

And who can blame them? There’s something timeless yet modern about an engagement ring that is as unique and colorful as the couple choosing it. Plus, it’s just plain fun to consider matching a gemstone choice with a favorite color or choosing a stone based on its healing and spiritual properties.

With a colored gemstone ring, we can also harness the spiritual powers of the gem and usher harmony more deeply within ourselves. For example, bright green emerald stones give intuition and foresight and warm hued amber citrine brings vitality and energy to the wearer. The deep hued blue sapphire has been known as the color and gem of fidelity for ages before diamonds hit the scene!

A beautiful example to highlight colored stone engagement ring trends is our Montana Sapphire collection. These earthy vibrant sapphire stones come in beautiful shades of light to dark greens, pale and dark blues, with bands hewn from twigs in rose, yellow, and white gold, or platinum. The deep hued blue sapphire has been known as the color and gem of fidelity for ages before diamonds hit the scene making it a fantastic choice for any couple looking for an extra special engagement ring.



One of our favorite 2024 engagement ring trends is the cluster setting engagement ring. While we love the ultra-thin bands and dainty solitaire setting of 2023, we’re totally ready for some large and in-charge showstopper rings in 2024.

Why stick to one center gemstone, when you could choose several to showcase? With cluster setting rings, everything is customizable! You can choose a main large dazzler of a gemstone as well as pick smaller stones in accompaniment to utilize different textures and colors for a true-to-you engagement ring as perfect as your love.

The maximalist in us is going gaga over cluster setting rings this year. While simplicity will always have its place in some circles, we fully believe more is more, both in life and in love.

With cluster setting rings, we can be freely ostentatious with clusters of stones and varying precious metals while happily bragging over an engagement ring as big as our loving maximalist hearts.



While recent engagement ring trends over the years have been varied, the orientation of center cut gems has stayed relatively the same. In 2024, we see the stylish modern partner opting for checking out the stunning east-west engagement ring trend! While love is timeless, the east-west set ring is a sharply sophisticated, hip statement for those of us who like to stand out in the crowd.

Traditional rings often have the center stone oriented from north-south, with the stone showcased vertically on the band and parallel to the finger. East-west set rings turn the gem on its side so to speak, with the stone oriented horizontally, or as its namesake calls for, set within the ring from east-west.

A jaw dropping example we adore is the Union Montana Sapphire Cluster ring with the east-west setting. This ring features a horizontal sumptuous green Montana Sapphire with bright baguette diamonds throughout a gold or platinum woodland band, it’s a knockout piece perfect for east-west set ring lovers!



Gone are the days of going to a brick and mortar chain jewelry store to pick out something that tons of other people have. We don’t have a cookie cutter love story, why settle for a cookie cutter ring?

We love the idea of making our engagement rings tailored to fit who we are and what our love means to us. By building our own engagement rings, we can mix and match for the perfect fit every time.

With Olivia Ewing jewelry, building your own engagement ring is a straightforward and thoughtfully curated process. Start by picking out a custom ring setting in solitaire or multiple stones, then pick accenting stones, precious metal of the band, and last but not least, the ring size. These steps ensure an utterly unique ring that's totally the essence of you!



Engagement ring trends over the years always change, but love never has to. We loved all these rings, from bezel and cluster settings, to colorful gemstones galore. 2024 engagement ring trends will be put to the test, but we’re sure these pieces will remain, like your love, here to have and to hold forever.

Sweet 2023, how we loved thee! We cherished bringing couples together forever last year, and can’t wait to bring loving magic into the new year. We wish for love, prosperity, joy and peace to all in 2024 and look forward to more wedding bells in the future!