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22nd Jan 2024

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After the thrill and chill of the 2023 astrological year, we come to a close with the last earth star sign, the practical Capricorn, and the last air star sign, the free-spirited Aquarius. These two zodiac signs, alike in dignity however different they may be in personality, get to share the zodiac stone for January, the gorgeous garnet! While Capricorn and Aquarius can certainly hone in on the spiritual properties of Garnet as their birth month or zodiac stone, everyone can benefit from the revitalizing, balancing spirit these stones have to offer! Read on to learn more about our Capricorn and Aquarius loves, and go gaga over garnet with us!


Oh Capricorn, our relentless, daring friends, how we love thee. We’re on the tail end of Capricorn season, which runs from December 22-January 19. Capricorns are masters of navigating the material and emotional realms, due to their nature of duality. The Capricorn zodiac is symbolized by a wiley sea goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish! Picture Capricorns able to scale the steepest cliffs of ambition, while navigating the watery depths of emotional fortitude. 

Ruled by Saturn, that gassy, ringed giant responsible for all things orderly- tasks, organization, rules, and the concept of time itself(!) The mighty Capricorns pride themselves on their conscientious nature. Our favorite Capricorns are visionaries and natural-born leaders, who toe the line between being confident in their abilities and staying humble. While Capricorns are fiercely determined, its best to stay in their lane so they don’t ruffle any other, more laidback feathers


Feisty intellectual Aquarius, we adore you just as much! We’re just about ready to herald in the airy Aquarius season, for those born from January 20-February 18! Aquarius zodiac signs are deep thinkers, curious, progressive with a rebellious streak. But wait aqua- isn’t Aquarius a water sign? Nope, Aquarius is an air sign! Aquarius is indeed represented by the water bearer, a mystical healer who gives water and life to the land. Imagine the mythical being of Aquarius as a larger-than-life vision, with one foot planted in the soil and one in the water, holding a vase to bring a stream of hope, healing, and longevity. Aquarius zodiac sign is very community-oriented, down to innovate and preserve the greater good, and make a difference in the world, together! 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is governed by innovation, technology, and surprising happenings. This mirrors Aquarius’ nontraditional nature perfectly, as their free-spiritedness and eccentricities keep people guessing in the best of ways. The Aquarians we love most are radically down to subvert the status quo and change the world while marching to the beat of their drums. While we love a wild streak, Aquarius can also be stubborn and should learn to appreciate others' perspectives and start where they’re at from the micro to macro to change the world, one step at a time. 

The Capricorn zodiac stone and the Aquarius zodiac stone help harness these signs' qualities to become the best versions of themselves, and that’s only the beginning! All zodiac stones coupled with their respective signs help us amplify our auras, ramp up our cosmic powers, and take control of our destinies. We’ll take what we can get to become better masters of our universe!


The zodiac stone for January and the Capricorn zodiac stone is the beautiful garnet. Derived from the Latin word "granatus," meaning pomegranate, garnet is commonly found in a rich, blood-red color. Varieties like pyrope garnet, known for its fiery red color, and other hues like yellow, vibrant green, orange, and purple exist. 

Historically worn by pharaohs, used in signet rings by Romans, and favored by clergy and nobility in the Middle Ages, garnet has a rich history. Although once primarily found in Bohemia, contemporary garnet is mainly sourced from the African continent.

Falling between 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, garnet requires careful storage to avoid scratching softer gems. Symbolizing fearlessness, garnet spiritually protects wearers from disaster and mental health troubles. Emotionally, it enhances creativity and awareness. The garnet zodiac stone is also rumored to bring wealth, accolades, and confidence.


The garnet zodiac stone for January is rich with symbolism for Capricorns and Aquarius signs. Grounding Capricorns, fosters stability and emotional growth. For Aquarius signs, it provides mental clarity, assisting them in their quest to change the world. While Capricorn and Aquarius have distinct qualities, garnet helps both signs achieve balance and amplify their excellence. Known as a soothing stone, garnet promotes strength and balance, striking a chord between Capricorn's seriousness and Aquarius' free-spiritedness.


Anxious attachment styles, empaths, and those with sensitive hearts can benefit from the soothing and grounding properties of garnet. Cultivating inner strength and resilience, garnet helps maintain calmness, focus, and enjoyment of the present moment. 

Associated with love, loyalty, and longevity, garnet recalibrates emotions and ensures mutual affection. It also cleanses and invigorates the chakras, connecting the root chakra to the heart and paving the way for new paths and desires. This Capricorn zodiac stone revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, inspiring love, devotion, and healthy relationships. This Malaya Garnet starbrite cut by John Dyer shows the brilliance of garnet up close and personal.


We celebrate our Capricorn and Aquarius brethren, recognizing their wonderful personalities and how garnet gemstones can enhance the best versions of themselves. While garnet is the zodiac stone for January, its energetic beauty and powers benefit us all. Gift yourself or a loved one the hope and inner strength encapsulated in a beautiful, personalized garnet ring from Olivia Ewing Jewelry. As Valentine's day approaches, consider expressing your love with a timeless piece of jewelry from Olivia Ewing, a symbol of everlasting commitment.