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Pear Opalescent Purple Pink Sapphire


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Pear Opalescent Purple Pink Sapphire, a gemstone that transcends the ordinary with its mesmerizing play of mermaid hues. This captivating jewel unveils a spectrum of ethereal purples and pinks, reminiscent of the hidden depths where mermaids weave their aquatic tales. The pear-shaped cut enhances the gem's graceful curves, allowing light to dance within, creating a kaleidoscopic display that evokes the mysterious beauty of the ocean's depths. This opalescent treasure is a harmonious blend of elegance and fantasy, making it a truly extraordinary gem for those seeking a touch of magic in their jewelry collection.

Carat: 1.08ct

Size: 5.19x7.21mm

Shape: Pear

Origin: Tanzania

Quality: Included/opalescent

Treatments: None

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weight 1.08ct
diameter 5.19x7.21mm

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