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Rough Peridot

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Explore the allure of our exquisite rough peridot stones, each possessing a distinctive charm that transcends its earthly origin. Imbued with a vibrant green hue, peridot is a gemstone associated with positive energy, harmony, and renewal. Delve into our curated selection and discover the embodiment of nature's beauty, where each rough peridot gem tells a unique story of resilience and growth. Elevate your collection with these verdant treasures, capturing the essence of the lush landscapes from which they emerged.

Size: 6-7mm range

Shape: Uncut

Quality: Facet quality

Treatments: None

Loose gemstones MUST be purchased in conjunction with a made to order setting.  Gemstones cannot be purchased separately and settings cannot be purchased without gemstones.  View our settings selection to pair with this stone.


diameter 5-6mm range

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