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Rough Uncut Teal Blue Montana Sapphire


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Behold the rugged, uncut beauty of this exquisite Montana Sapphire, shimmering in a brilliant shade of teal blue. Its natural, unpolished form captures the essence of the untamed wilderness from which it was mined, imbuing it with a raw, elemental energy that sets it apart from its polished counterparts. With its striking color and captivating imperfections, this rough gemstone is a true treasure of the earth, waiting to be transformed into a dazzling work of art.

Carat: 1.25ct

Size: ~5.59mm x 6.02mm x 3.89mm

Shape: Uncut

Origin: Montana, USA

Quality: Facet quality

Treatments: Heat

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weight 1.25ct
diameter ~5.59mm x 6.02mm x 3.89mm

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