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Uncut Moss Agate - 1159


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Uncut moss agate, with its enchanting patterns reminiscent of lush forest landscapes, makes an exceptional centerpiece for an engagement ring that celebrates fantasy and the beauty of nature. Each stone's unique inclusions, evoking delicate moss or verdant foliage, ensure that no two are alike, adding a personal and distinctive touch. Ideal for those who cherish the magic of the natural world, this gemstone brings an ethereal and timeless elegance, perfect for a ring fit for a queen of the woods.

Carat: 3.79ct

Size: 12.15x7.91mm

Shape: Uncut

Quality: Included

Treatments: None

Loose gemstones MUST be purchased in conjunction with a made to order setting.  Gemstones cannot be purchased separately and settings cannot be purchased without gemstones.  View our settings selection to pair with this stone.


weight 3.79ct
diameter 12.15x7.91mm

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