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Driftwood Ring


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The 6mm Driftwood Band is sculpted from a piece of driftwood with a classic half-round design and organic beach wood texture.

"We often love to think of the life of men on beaches — at least in midsummer, when the weather is serene; their sunny lives on the sand, amid the beach grass and bayberries, their companion a cow, their wealth a jag of driftwood or a few beach plums, and their music the surf and the peep of the beech-bird."

For the beach boy in your life, the Driftwood Ring is one of the most popular pieces in our arsenal. Handwrought using a real piece of driftwood washed up on the craggy shores of Acadia National Forest in Maine, the Driftwood Ring is a gorgeous testimony to your love that can weather any storm. 

This classic 6mm half-round band with an organic wood texture can be made in solid gold, palladium, or platinum. It invokes an ocean breeze on a sunny day and leaves a strong impression that is a promise of forever.

* Shown in palladium



Driftwood is not simply a piece of wood that has washed ashore; it is a representation of the journey that the wood has undergone. It has traveled the currents of the sea and has been shaped and transformed by the forces of nature. As a result, each piece of driftwood is unique and tells its own story.

The beauty of the Driftwood Collection lies in its ability to capture this essence of nature and individuality. The bands are a symbol of the ever-present moment, which is at once the past, present, and future. They represent the journey of life and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

The organic nature of Driftwood represents the connection between two individuals in a relationship. Just as the wood and water are forever connected, so too are two people in love. The Driftwood Collection serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between two souls and the natural beauty that surrounds them.


Band width 6mm
Band thickness 2mm

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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