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8th Jul 2021

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Your jewelry is constantly exposed to dirt and dust particles that can build up and mask the color and shine of precious metals and gemstones. Even with the gentlest activities and utmost carefulness, there’s a good chance your jewelry could use a clean and polish. Here are some simple, at-home steps to keep your jewelry sparkling.


Step One: Rinse your jewelry under warm water. If needed, soak your jewelry in a bowl of warm water and mild dish soap for 5-10 minutes.

Step Two: Use your baby toothbrush and a drop of dish soap to gently brush all parts of your jewelry. Make sure to reach under and behind stones and inside any other crevices where dirt could be lodged.

Step Three: Use a dab of toothpaste on your baby toothbrush to further polish and shine your gemstones and band, making sure to scrub the inside of the band and around the stone settings.

Step Four: Repeat steps two and three as many times as needed.

Step Five: Dry and polish your jewelry with a textured cloth. This is also a perfect time to check the secureness of your gemstone settings and make sure they are not loose. If any loose or damaged stones are discovered, stop wearing the jewelry until it is repaired.


If you want to know more about the safety measures of your specific metals and gemstones, use the charts below to learn which cleaning agents are safe to use and which could potentially damage your jewelry.


Although it is astonishing to see your jewelry transform after a simple DIY at-home clean, it is essential to remember that washing your jewelry is by no means a reset button and that there is only so much a thorough clean can restore. In order to keep your precious metals and gemstones from degrading over time, try your best to avoid chemicals and activities that can actively damage them.

Even though jewelry can last through the seemingly roughest of activities, it should removed when possible to avoid getting residue or moisture inside tiny crevices which can cause issues later on. Keeping your silver in a dry container with a cloth lining will prevent premature tarnishing in silver by eliminating moisture that can slip in.

I recommend finding a place in your home to put your rings and jewelry while you are performing rough activities with your hands such as cleaning the house, exercising, or simply washing dishes. That way your jewelry can be safely tucked away in a spot where they can't be lost or put in harms way.


For the best results, clean your jewelry at least once a month, every two weeks if possible. This will deter any future complications by preventing oil and dirt to build up and allow you to check the status of the your gemstones.

It is important that you regularly check your jewelry for the following:

Loose settings/stones, misshapen prongs, & cracked stones


All jewelry is covered by a one year warranty which covers the cost of all repairs under normal wear for the first twelve months after purchase. However, if the ring or jewelry is noticeably bent, shows improper care, or is damaged in any other manner, I will make repairs at a cost. Center stones are not covered under the warranty. For this reason, I strongly encourage you to insure all jewelry and properly inspect your ring every six months. If stones feel loose, stop wearing your ring and contact me immediately to arrange for the prongs to be tightened. Pave and inset stones will be replaced free of charge within the first year. Shipping fees both ways are not covered by the warranty and must be paid by the buyer.

After the first twelve months, all repairs will be done for a fee.

Please note, that if any jeweler other than myself makes any alterations or repairs to your jewelry (including resizing), the warranty may be voided and additional fees may apply.


If your jewelry needs repair or alteration, please contact me to arrange. Be prepared with your order number or purchaser's full name

Small pave and inset stones will be replaced within the first year free of charge. If you lost your center stone or side stone (in the case of the Three Stone and Four Stone styles) contact your insurance company immediately to file a claim.

We hope that this was a clear and easy guide to follow and wish you the best of luck. If you have any additional questions, please contact