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Posted by Olivia Ewing Shoemaker on 7th Dec 2021

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Our 8 Most Unique Lord of the Rings Inspired Engagement Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy and its latest installment, The Hobbit, have inspired countless works of art over the years, including many of our very own engagement and wedding rings that couples can wear to show off their love of fantasy. These rings include depictions of everything from shining gems and ornate designs to beautiful elven detail that tell a story.  Explore eight of our most unique elven-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands designed to complement your one true love’s love of The Hobbit or The LOTR series.

1) Galadriel's Ring

Union Diamond Cluster Ring - shown in platinum

a 1/2 ct rose cut diamond solitaire engagement ring in platinum. This ring from our The Lord of The Rings collection is inspired by Galadriel's ring from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. If you are a fan of J.R.R Tolkien, you'll love it! Our jewelry is lovingly made with amazing craftsmanship and quality and customer service to match. It will definitely make her feel like an elven queen or princess when she wears it every day. 

2) Arwen's Wedding Band

Petite Naples Green Montana Sapphire Solitaire - shown in 14K white gold

One ring to rule them all... And one band to rule them all. This Arwen inspired wedding band from The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring is a great inspiration for any LOTR fan looking for a unique engagement ring. Shown in 14k white gold, Arwen’s wedding band features a striking deep green Montana sapphire and is beautifully simple, but still impressively unique.

3) Celebrimbor's Ring

5mm Lee Ring - shown in 18K yellow gold

An Elvish creation forged by Celebrimbor. The ring was made with Elven craftsmanship, and imbued with spells by Sauron himself. The ring was given to Isildur as a wedding gift, who swore that he would preserve it for his son's wedding day. However, when Isildur later defied Sauron and refused to destroy it as instructed, he was attacked by Orcs near Anduin while escaping Middle-Earth.

4) Sauron's Ring

Naples Montana Sapphire Trio Ring - shown in 14K rose gold

This three-stone, .60 carat rose gold engagement ring has a unique design that is both elegant and durable. Crafted in a small jewelry studio, Sauron’s Ring features raw, uncut Montana sapphire gemstones on either side of a central dark teal faceted Montana sapphire. The design may be inspired by Lord of The Rings but there is no need to call upon magic to know that it is beautiful.

5) Boromir's Ring

6mm Plume Ring - shown in 14K white gold

Inspired by Boromir's journey to save Frodo from being captured by orcs, Skadi has created a stunning gold ring that looks like it could have been taken straight out of Middle Earth. The Boromir inspired design looks like an orc etched its surface and represents Boromir’s incredible courage and strength, making it a perfect LOTR wedding band. While there is only one ring in Middle Earth, we think everyone should have their own Boromir Ring!

6) Isildur's Ring

Large Unity Montana Sapphire Solitaire Ring - shown in 14K yellow gold

Isildur’s Ring was a family heirloom and part of The One Ring, forged in Eregion by Celebrimbor. His son, Isildur, wore it while traveling through Black Country during his flight from Sauron's forces after Sauron captured Minas Ithil. While resting on a slope near Dunharrow he put on Narsil to examine it and Sauron's spirit within recognized it as being one of his own possessions.

7) Elven Jewelry

Woodland Montana Sapphire Ring - shown in 14K rose gold

What better way to honor a part of your favorite story than by wearing it on your finger? Our Woodland Ring is made with Elven craftsmanship and is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth and might just be more beautiful than anything you can find in that land!

8) Noldor Rings

Naples Diamond Half Halo Ring - shown in 14K yellow gold

The Noldor were one of two Elven clans that set out to Valinor in ships. They were known for their skills as craftsmen, earning them their title the Deep Elves. Their rings symbolized power and freedom from evil. The Arkenstone, on which these Noldor Rings are based, was a pure white gem that illuminated Menegroth, King Thingol's home.

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