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Garland Salt & Pepper Diamond Four Stone Ring

Rose Cut Silver Diamonds

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Rose Cut Silver Diamonds
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The Garland Four Stone Ring features four unique salt and pepper rose cut diamonds nestled in an organic twig setting.

The moon has become a dancer at this festival of love. This dance of light, this sacred blessing, this divine love beckons us to a world beyond, only lovers can see with their eyes of fiery passion.

Four salt and pepper rose cut diamonds sparkle like the moon dancing across a hidden woodland at midnight. Each silvery stone is as unique as the divine love you share with your forever moonlight dancer . The sleek and sophisticated band of gold that holds these mesmerizing diamonds is handcrafted from a real twig further infusing the ring with natural wonder. Take this rose-cut salt and pepper diamond engagement ring for a waltz today.



The Garland Collection is an homage to the beauty and significance of nature. Each ring is handcrafted using a real American Winterberry Holly twig, which represents the strength and resilience of nature. The intricate details, including every groove, bud and texture, are preserved in the wax mold, creating an exquisite representation of the original twig.

The Collection embodies the symbolism of garlands, which are often associated with celebration, beauty and fertility. These rings are not only breathtaking in their design but also carry a deeper meaning, reminding us of the importance of cherishing the natural world around us.

The sapphires in these rings are an integral part of the design, as they are cast directly into the molten gold, ensuring that each ring is a unique masterpiece. This innovative process results in a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring destined to become an heirloom.


Find the perfect matching band with our stacking guide and ring pairing gallery:


Band width 1.5-2.5mm
Band thickness 1mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) 2.5mm
Stone diameter 3mm, ~0.50 carats total

Due to the nature of silver diamonds, each rose-cut salt and pepper diamond ring will have a unique look and may vary slightly from the one shown here.

All diamonds are guaranteed ethically mined in keeping with the Kimberley Accord.

Handcrafted in the USA from recycled gold.

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    Posted by Katherine Silvestri

    Olivia's skill, care, and artistry take something material and give it heart and soul. Her designs are beyond unique, and each piece is made with outstanding craftsmanship! In addition, her communication is excellent. If you've found her beautiful designs, then rest easy knowing you'll always treasure a piece you order from her!