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OOAK - Feyre Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond (0.53ct)

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Emerald Cut Diamond (0.53ct)
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Exclusive one-of-a-kind Feyre Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Ring featuring an emerald cut diamond centers framed with two tones of salt and pepper diamonds in a pave setting. 

This ring is one-of-a-kind and won't be restocked.  It's currently a size 6.5 and can be sized from 4.5-8.  14K yellow gold.

Behold the ethereal enchantment of the Feyre Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, a captivating masterpiece that weaves together the splendor of nature with the brilliance of diamonds.

At the heart of this magnificent ring, an emerald-cut diamond, as resplendent as a starlit night, reigns supreme. Its luminosity is magnified by a splendid symphony of salt and pepper diamonds, carefully set in a mesmerizing two-toned embrace. The contrasting hues dance in harmonious unison, capturing the essence of yin and yang, light and shadow, like the dappled sunlight filtering through a verdant canopy.

But it is not only the diamonds that make this ring an extraordinary testament to nature's grandeur. The rustic band, an ode to the whimsical serenade of the forest, is meticulously crafted from two delicate twigs, their slender forms twisted and entwined in eternal unity. Symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and the interconnection of all living beings, this band evokes the spirit of the ancient woodland, whispering secrets of harmony and resilience.

Like a rare flower blooming in a secluded grove, the Feyre Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Ring is a true embodiment of exclusivity. This ring is a unique creation, never to be replicated, as singular and enchanting as a fleeting dream. Its allure is further enhanced by the warm embrace of 14K yellow gold, a golden tribute to the sun's radiant glow.



Cast from twigs, each band in the Feyre Collection reflects the intertwined path of life's journey, symbolizing the connections we make, the trials we overcome, and the resilience that allows us to grow. The juxtaposition of the organic forms with the precious metals lends an ethereal quality to the piece, as if each ring was plucked from a magical woodland.

A majestic center stone, framed by budded twigs that mirror each other, adds to the ring's rich narrative. This represents growth, a blooming symbol of strength, hope, and love and of two lives growing together from separate paths. Encrusted around this focal point is a constellation of sparkling little diamonds. Their glimmers are reminiscent of stars in the night sky, a testament to love’s enduring light in the face of darkness.



The diamond, with its sparkling and radiant nature, holds a profound spiritual and astrological meaning. It is a symbol of purity and clarity, representing the Divine light and higher consciousness that resides within us all. Like a prism, it reflects and refracts light in a multitude of colors, reminding us of the infinite potential of the universe and the vastness of our own souls. Astrologically, the diamond is associated with the planet Venus, which governs love, beauty, and harmony. It is said to enhance these qualities and help us connect with our innermost desires, guiding us towards our highest purpose. When we wear or hold a diamond, we are reminded to shine our own unique light, embrace our inner beauty, and radiate love and joy out into the world.


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Band width 2mm
Band thickness 2mm
Setting height 5.5mm
Diamond size 4.85 x 3.85mm, 0.53ct
Side Cut Diamonds 2mm

This Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Ring is handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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