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Faylin Contour Ring - Ready To Ship

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This piece is made to order. View current production estimates here.

This ring is ready to hip in 14K Yellow Gold size 6.25. Please allow up to 4 weeks for any other size option.

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The Faylin Contour Ring is sculpted from two willow twigs that wrap around each other to form a delicately curved ring band. 

This curved stacking ring pairs perfectly with the Faylin Solitaire Engagement Ring as well as many other styles in our collection.

In Ancient Greece, willow branches were given as parting gifts between friends as a token of good luck. The entwined willow twigs of the Faylin Contour Ring delicately weave around one another to hug the finger. Sure to bring luck to your life and marriage, this lustrous piece of jewelry is a stunning compliment to our Faylin Solitaire Engagement Ring and it works brilliantly as both a distinct stacking ring or a stunning standalone piece.


Find the perfect matching band with our stacking guide and ring pairing gallery:


Band width 2mm
Band thickness 2mm (front) 1mm (back)

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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