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Garland Ring

With Inset Sapphires

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Made to order in 3-6 weeks.
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With Inset Sapphires

A nature inspired wedding band truly worthy of her finger. She’ll adore this unique band from our Garland Collection. It’s one that has a timeless appeal she will be honored to wear for a lifetime.


The delicate twig band was fashioned from a real-life twig to give it extra charm and loads of intricate detail. Each bud is home to a tiny brilliant blue sapphire giving this ring fun a pop of color.


Choose this handmade twig ring for your bride-to-be and she’s sure to fall instantly in love with it. Order today and it will be shipped to you in a lovely ring box until you take each other’s hand in marriage.

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Band width 1.5-3mm
Band thickness 1mm
Sapphire diameter 1mm

All sapphires are ethically sourced.

Handcrafted in the USA from recycled and repurposed gold.

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