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Juniper Alexandrite Cluster Ring - Ready To Ship

Lab Grown Alexandrite (6x4mm)

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Lab Grown Alexandrite (6x4mm)
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This ring is ready to ship in 14K Yellow Gold size 5.5 Please allow up to 4 weeks for any other size option.

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Juniper Cluster Ring set with a shimmering purple hued lab created alexandrite in a pear shape cut. Set in an asymmetrical design with a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds set in the band.

The ring itself is cast from an Ashe Juniper and the delicate buds and textured sprigs form perfect crevices for the nestled diamonds. 

This pear-cut alexandrite ring is created in solid recycled gold.

And so they lived happily ever after, in a kingdom where dreams took flight and magic blossomed like flowers in an eternal spring.

Behold the captivating Juniper Cluster Ring, an exquisite creation straight out of a fairytale, evoking the enchanting ambiance of the Spring Court from the realm of ACOTAR. A breathtaking masterpiece, it showcases a mesmerizing lab-created alexandrite, adorned in a shimmering purple hue, expertly shaped into a pear-cut gem. Nestled within an asymmetrical design, this ethereal beauty is accompanied by a glorious cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds, delicately set along the band.

The very essence of nature's allure is captured within the ring's essence. Cast from the magnificent Ashe Juniper, its organic origins imbue it with an otherworldly charm. Delicate buds and textured sprigs gracefully intertwine, creating perfect crevices to lovingly cradle the resplendent diamonds. Each element harmoniously dances together, crafting an exquisite and harmonious fusion of art and nature.

Crafted with utmost care for both beauty and sustainability, this pear-cut alexandrite ring boasts a solid foundation of recycled gold. Let this ethereal adornment grace your finger, enchanting all who lay eyes upon its fairytale-inspired design, and allowing you to carry a piece of enchantment and magic wherever you may wander.



Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every ring in this extraordinary collection is hand-sculpted from delicate Ashe juniper sprigs and cast in solid gold or platinum.  Symbolizing strength, healing, and protection, the juniper tree carries a powerful significance that amplifies the intrinsic beauty of these rings. Just as the juniper stands resilient against the elements, these exquisite pieces become a symbol of our own inner fortitude, reminding us of our ability to overcome adversity with grace and resilience. Moreover, the juniper has long been revered for its healing properties, believed to possess a natural capacity for rejuvenation. By adorning oneself with a Juniper ring, one carries the essence of this healing power, a reminder to seek solace and restoration amidst life's challenges.



Regarded as a stone of prosperity and longevity, Alexandrite is deeply connected to the spiritual realm, embodying both the earthly and celestial. Its vibrant transformation from emerald green to raspberry red under different light sources echoes the dynamic aspects of life and the cosmos, inviting exploration of one's inner dimensions and spiritual growth. In the world of astrology, this captivating gemstone is closely associated with the planet Mercury, a celestial body symbolic of communication and intellect. This correlation enhances the mystical aura of Alexandrite, believed to stimulate intuition and creativity while fostering clear communication with the spiritual realm. Its energy resonates with the Gemini zodiac sign, linking it to adaptability and a dual-nature, much like its color-changing ability, reflecting the ebb and flow of life's cycles, encouraging balance, and promoting an understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and realms.


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Band width 2-2.60mm
Band thickness 1.80mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) ~5mm
Alexandrite size 4x6mm
Diamond size 1-2mm

All natural diamonds are ethically mined in keeping with the Kimberley Accord.

This Alexandrite Cluster Ring is handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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