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Naples Twisted Teal Montana Sapphire Solitaire

Montana Sapphire (5mm)

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Montana Sapphire (5mm)
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The Naples Twisted Solitaire Ring features a teal blue Montana Sapphire with six tiny diamonds inset in the twisted twig band. Real twigs are used to cast the braided band of this ring.

You have become my thinking’s single thought, My heart’s first love: it had no love before. I love you as no love on earth is wrought, I love you now and love you evermore.

This twisted band engagement ring is the perfect choice for those whose depth of feeling rivals only the murky depth of the ocean. A solitary round-brilliant Montana sapphire displays vibrant shades of teal and green hues that cast elegant flashes of light in the sun.

A delicate twisted band romantically symbolizes all of the exciting twists and turns your partnership will encounter in life and is complemented by six glittering melee diamonds. Crafted with care and attention, the Naples Twisted Teal Montana Sapphire Solitaire ring is a true symbol of commitment that will remind your partner of the beauty and magic of true love. 



The Naples Collection is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of nature. Each ring is handcrafted using a real American Winterberry Holly twig, carefully chosen for its delicate and stunning spring leaf buds. The natural beauty of the twig is preserved through an intricate process of casting it in wax and wrapping it meticulously around the ring's center setting.

What makes these rings truly unique is that every detail, bud, and texture in the original twig is imprinted in the final ring, capturing the essence of nature's design. The raw sapphires are cast directly into the ring, creating a seamless and harmonious design that enhances the natural beauty of the holly twig.

At the heart of the Naples Collection is the belief that nature is a source of inspiration, beauty, and awe. These rings remind us to appreciate the small, intricate details that make up the world around us, and to cherish the moments of wonder and magic that nature brings. The result is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that exudes an organic touch and a deep appreciation for the natural world.



Sapphire is known for its deep and powerful spiritual properties. It is a gemstone of wisdom and truth, and can help to bring clarity and focus to the mind. Sapphire is aligned with Saturn, which fosters discipline, responsibility and spiritual growth. Sapphire promotes loyalty, integrity and sincerity, making it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their relationships and partnerships. 

As a symbol of the heavens, sapphire helps connect us to the divine and bring a sense of peace and harmony to our lives. Its deep blue and green tones are reminiscent of the vast and infinite expanse of the universe, reminding us that we are all connected to something greater than ourselves.


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Band width 1-2mm
Band thickness 1mm
Setting height 4mm
Tiny diamonds 1mm
Sapphire size 5mm diameter, ~ 0.60ct

Montana sapphires are ethically sourced in the USA
All diamonds are ethically sourced.

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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