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Pear Cut Peridot


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Nestled within a meticulously crafted pear cut, the peridot gemstone captivates with its vibrant green hue, reminiscent of lush meadows and the promise of growth. This gemstone is not merely a testament to beauty; it embodies the spirit of renewal and vitality. The pear-shaped peridot, with its gracefully tapering silhouette, reflects the essence of nature's rejuvenating power. Symbolizing prosperity and well-being, this gemstone invites a sense of harmony and balance, making it not just an adornment, but a profound expression of the wearer's connection to the cycles of life.

Size: 6.14 x 8.88mm

Weight: 1.38ct

Shape: Pear

Treatments: none

Loose gemstones MUST be purchased in conjunction with a made to order setting.  Gemstones cannot be purchased separately and settings cannot be purchased without gemstones.  View our settings selection to pair with this stone.


diameter 6.14 x 8.88mm
weight 1.38ct

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