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Unity Morganite and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Morganite (5mm) & Diamond (.20ct)

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Morganite (5mm) & Diamond (.20ct)
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The Unity Three Stone Ring features a pale pink morganite framed by two brilliant cut diamonds.

“I’d train my breath and learn to read sonar until I retrieved every lost blood vessel of you. I swear this love is ungodly, not an ounce of suffering in it.”

As though plucked from a fairy tale, the Unity Morganite and Diamond Three Stone Ring from Olivia Ewing is a gentle and stunning representation of true love. The centerpiece of this mesmerizing ring is a pale pink morganite stone, perfectly framed by two brilliant cut diamonds, creating a trinity of sparkling light and fascination.

Custom-crafted to your precise specifications, the ring's simple lines and subtle beauty belie the depth of emotion this piece represents. Its uncommon beauty glows with an inner light that reflects the joy of a profound, unbreakable unity between two people in love.

Wearing this ring is like having a moment of flawless beauty frozen in time, captured and made tangible. In every way, it is a stunning representation of eternal devotion and the wonders that come with it. From the moment it's slipped onto your finger, this inspired design from Olivia Ewing will draw you deeper into a love that is nothing short of magical.



The Unity Collection is crafted from two vines that are wrapped around each other to form a single band, symbolizing the strength and beauty of two lives intertwined.

This design is inspired by the mythological tale of Askr and Embla, the first human couple in Norse mythology. According to the story, Askr and Embla were created by the gods from two trees, an ash and an elm, and were brought to life to start the human race. Similarly, the Unity rings bring two individual lives together to form a united bond, just as Askr and Embla were united by the gods to create the human race.

The intricate design of the vines also holds a deeper meaning, representing the twists and turns of life's journey. Just as vines grow and interweave with one another to form a beautiful pattern, our lives are intertwined with the people we love, forming a unique and intricate bond that can never be broken.


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Band width 1.5mm-2.5mm
Band thickness 1.5mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) 3.5mm
Morganite size 5mm, ~ 0.42 carat
Diamond size 3mm, 0.20 carats total

All diamonds and morganite are ethically sourced.

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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