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Woodland Solitaire Setting

Production Estimates:
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This piece is made to order. View current production estimates here.

The Woodland Ring features a center gemstone of your choice and four 2mm stones pave set into the band.  

“The lane is deep, the bank is steep,

The tangled hedge is high;

And clinging, twisting, up I creep,

And climb towards the sky.”

Behold the Woodland Ring, a symbol of nature's wonder and a tribute to the beauty of love. Crafted from the finest materials, this ring captures the essence of a mythical forest, where a precious gemstone emerges from the interwoven vines and trees.

At the center of the ring lies your choice stone, a gemstone as unique and one-of-a-kind as you. The four small stones set within the band symbolize the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, representing the balance of nature and the harmony of the universe.

But it is the band of the Woodland Ring that truly embodies the spirit of nature. The interwoven vines cast in gold are a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things, the unbreakable bond that ties all beings together. They speak to the power of relationships, the strength that comes from sharing a journey with another.

The Woodland Ring is not just a piece of jewelry. It is a work of art, a symbol of the beauty and complexity of nature, and a testament to the power of love. May it serve as a reminder that in a world of chaos and confusion, there is always a place of beauty and peace to be found.

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Every setting is sculpted by hand and individually customized to fit your gemstone selection.  The resulting ring may vary slightly from the pictured setting if your gemstone selection is a different shape.

Custom settings MUST be purchased in conjunction with a loose gemstone from our gemstone selection.  Settings cannot be purchased separately and I do not set provided stones.



Born out of nature's intricate design, each ring is a masterful recreation of intertwined willow twigs, hand sculpted and cast in precious gold or platinum. This collection serves as a tangible reminder of the enduring strength of love and unity, epitomizing the intertwined destinies of two lives becoming one. The mesmerizing patterns of interwoven vines are a tribute to life's interconnectedness, underscoring the unbreakable bond that threads all existence together. Every Woodland Ring is a statement of commitment, an emblem of enduring love and a testament to finding beauty and tranquility amidst life's chaos. These unique pieces promise more than just aesthetics; they narrate a timeless love story between you and your chosen one, a connection that transcends the ordinary, firmly rooted in the serene heart of an enchanted forest. 


Find the perfect matching band with our stacking guide and ring pairing gallery:


Band width 2-4mm
Band thickness 1-2mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) 5.5mm
Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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  • 5
    Custom Woodland Teal Montana Sapphire Ring

    Posted by Amy Stocker

    I was not disappointed by my custom montana sapphire and amethyst woodland ring!!! I so appreciated picking out my center montana sapphire to ensure it was exactly the right green/blue balance. My daughter and I wanted matching rings that expressed our individual personalities and that's exactly what Olivia achieved.

  • 5
    Silver glass come to...

    Posted by Zackary Murphy

    I fell in love with the woodland style when were were picking out another ring to set an heirloom stone in. My mother and I knew we wanted similar rings after I regularly complimented Olivia's elven-smith level of skill. This grey and black woodland is a dream come to life. "The grey-rain curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise." J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King After asking for this ring of Olivia, my grandmother soon passed and it has become a reminder for me that not everything is an ending. Even death is just another path towards something much more beautiful.