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28th May 2024

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Have your heart set on something sparkly but feel tarnished because of its price? We get it. The glitz and glam that diamonds bring isn't exactly known to be affordable after all. Fortunately, there some pretty great natural diamond alternatives available that offer all the sublime sparkle with none of the sticker shock. Below, we break down our five favorite alternatives to diamonds so you can bling out without breaking the bank.


three antique cushion cut diamonds

We've mentioned natural diamonds and their diamond alternatives a lot so far. But how are we defining what a natural diamond is verses its alternative? Essentially, a natural diamond to be any diamond gemstone that is mined from the earth. These diamonds tend to be more expensive then other stones thanks to the large amount of financial and human resources it takes to mine them.

A diamond alternative is a gemstone that is not a natural diamond but still sparkles brightly. While any gemstone can be an alternative to a diamond, the five we selected are particularly great choices. What makes the best diamond alternative the best? It really depends on you and your preferences. So be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each diamond alternative by checking out the rest of our Journal to stay informed.


A lab grown round brilliant diamond with a natural-yellow gold twig inspired band

Can't bear to part with the idea of a natural diamond? Consider lab grown. As the name suggests, lab created diamonds are created in a lab and have the exact chemical composition of a natural diamond. In fact the only difference is the location of their birth.

Consider our Juniper Diamond Solitaire Ring. A sparkling 0.8 carat diamond gleams prominently at its center and is surround by graceful accent diamonds on a nature-inspired setting. Can you (or anyone) tell that the diamond is lab grown instead of natural. Absolutely not!

There's plenty of debate and discussion around natural diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds, but the end result is still a dazzling gem that lasts forever. So, if you're looking for a popular diamond alternative engagement ring that is closest in look and feel to a natural diamond, you should opt for lab grown diamond.



Demi naples moissanite diamond alternative with Montana sapphires

Moissanite, a gem with its own unique identity, is becoming increasingly popular as an option for those seeking the brilliance of a diamond without the high cost. Known for its remarkable sparkle and durability, moissanite offers a cost-effective choice for everyday jewelry and is especially favored for engagement rings.

Originally utilized in various industries due to its unique properties, moissanite has gained prominence in the jewelry market as a preferred alternative to diamonds. Primarily thanks to the fact that it mirrors the aesthetic attributes of diamonds, such as cut, clarity, color, and carat size but is sold at a fraction of the cost.

Our Naples Moissanite Trio Ring offers the brilliant flash of natural diamond in the form of our favorite diamond simulant, moissanite. On either side of the generous moissanite center stone, two rough cut Montana sapphires sparkle. The result is a stunning engagement ring that is a popular choice for everyday wear.



A moonstone shimmers in a yellow gold setting

Another stunning alternative to diamonds? Moonstone! Its subtle glimmer, shine, and unique color combinations make moonstone engagement rings one of the most gorgeous alternatives to diamond engagement rings, and, the epitome of a one-of-a-kind option.

Moonstone forms from the mineral feldspar, and that substance contributes to its shimmer and luminescence. Different types of feldspar intergrow while the gem forms, leading to a stunning glimmer and gleam unique from stone to stone. They are available in a small variety of colors and clarity and are cut in a specific shape (cabochon) to keep them shimmering and shining. The best moonstones tend to have excellent clarity and a slight blue sheen, but you might see hues such as green, pink, or yellow with varying transparency.

Olivia Ewing Jewelry has a large selection of moonstone engagement rings. The Naples Supreme Moonstone Solitaire ring offers a hefty center moonstone that perfectly shines in all the colors of the rainbow. Set within a nature-inspired twig band, this engagement ring is the ideal style for those looking for an shimmer-forward look.



an opal and diamond engagement ring

If you're looking for a more colorful gemstone to substitute for diamond engagement rings, opals should be on your radar. Opals come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, with plenty to choose from, making them a beautiful addition to an engagement ring.

Opals form over time from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. Running water picks up silica as it goes, depositing it into cracks and voids in the earth. The water evaporates, leaving behind the deposit, and as the cycle repeats, opals form.

Smaller opals are more common and tend to be in purple, blue, and green hues. Larger opals come in shades like yellow and orange but are rarer to find. An opal's striking tones and color changes make it an incredibly distinctive choice for an engagement ring and one you'll cherish forever.

We love the look of both opals and diamonds. The Naples Opal Trio Ring perfectly demonstrates this look thanks to its creamy opal stone that is framed by two rose cut diamonds.


Alternative Natural Diamonds like Salt and Pepper

Four salt and pepper diamond ring

If you still have your heart set on natural diamonds, there's still hope! Natural diamonds, such as salt and pepper, are a more affordable than natural diamonds and are stunning alternative.

Salt and pepper diamonds have more eyes on them than before, partially because of their cosmically inspiring feel and unique look. These real diamonds have a mixture of black and white inclusions that give the gem a gray hue with speckles.

Traditional diamonds command the price they do because the inclusions (I.e., imperfections) are so tiny that they are essentially invisible to the naked eye. Salt and pepper diamonds, on the other hand, have large, visible inclusions that take the form of many different textures.

The result is a perfectly imperfect gem that immediately captures the eye. Salt and pepper diamond engagement rings are a beautiful way to capture nature in a distinctive form while still incorporating the diamond itself. And because salt and pepper diamonds are an affordable alternative to other natural diamonds, you can buy more. Our Garland Salt and Pepper Diamond Four Stone Ring perfectly displays the unique look and texture of salt and pepper diamonds.



With so many alternatives available to natural diamonds, there's plenty of sparkle waiting for you to discover! Whether you're seeking a beautiful diamond alternative engagement ring or creating something truly bespoke, you'll find an extensive collection of handcrafted pieces at Olivia Ewing Jewelry.

Each ring at Olivia Ewing Jewelry is inspired by nature and meticulously made with the finest details. Shop moissanite engagement rings, moonstone engagement rings, or design your dream engagement ring with diamond alternatives in collaboration with Olivia Ewing. You can choose to customize the ring setting and select a center stone that feels right to you to create a stunning ring that truly encapsulates your love.