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Juniper Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring - Ready To Ship

Australian Opal (6x4mm)

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Australian Opal (6x4mm)
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This ring is ready to ship in 14K Yellow Gold size 7.25. Please allow up to 4 weeks for any other size option.

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The Juniper Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring is set with a majestic white Australian opal in a pear shaped cabochon cut and surrounded with a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds set in the band.

This white pear-shaped opal ring is cast from a real Ashe Juniper twig with delicate buds and textured sprigs. Created in solid recycled gold or platinum.

Amidst nature's embrace, opal and diamond sing, A symphony of leaves and light, where dreams take wing.

Nestled within the very core of the Juniper pear-shaped opal with diamond cluster ring lies a majestic white Australian opal, hewn and polished into a resplendent pear-shaped cabochon. As you gaze upon its opalescent depths, you are transported to a realm of ethereal hues, where shimmering rainbows play hide-and-seek with the light.

But this pear-shaped opal with diamond cluster ring's allure extends beyond its opal centerpiece. The band, forged with great care, draws its inspiration from the noble Ashe Juniper. Crafted from its sacred wood, the ring radiates the spirit of the ancient tree, adorned with delicate buds and textured sprigs. Like whispered secrets from the forest itself, these intricate details form perfect crevices, tenderly cradling a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds.

Asymmetrical in design, this extraordinary creation captures the whimsy of nature, for she is the ultimate artist, never bound by symmetrical perfection. The diamonds, like celestial dewdrops, shimmer against the precious metal, reflecting the moon's gentle caress upon the leaves of a moonlit glade.



Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every ring in this extraordinary collection is hand-sculpted from delicate Ashe juniper sprigs and cast in solid gold or platinum. Symbolizing strength, healing, and protection, the juniper tree carries a powerful significance that amplifies the intrinsic beauty of these rings. Just as the juniper stands resilient against the elements, these exquisite pieces become a symbol of our own inner fortitude, reminding us of our ability to overcome adversity with grace and resilience. Moreover, the juniper has long been revered for its healing properties, believed to possess a natural capacity for rejuvenation. By adorning oneself with a Juniper ring, one carries the essence of this healing power, a reminder to seek solace and restoration amidst life's challenges.



Opal, with its mesmerizing play of colors, is a true celestial gift. This enchanting gemstone is known for its spiritual significance and its ability to connect one's consciousness with the ethereal realms. Just as the opal reflects an ever-changing kaleidoscope of hues, it is said to evoke the shifting facets of one's emotions, helping to navigate through life's ebb and flow. Astrologically, opal is associated with the water element, resonating with sensitive souls born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It is believed to enhance intuition, promote emotional healing, and foster a deep sense of inner peace. Opal beckons us to embrace our inner magic and embrace the beauty of transformation, reminding us that life's journey is a tapestry woven with countless vibrant threads. 


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Band width 2-2.60mm
Band thickness 1.80mm
Setting height (from finger to top of stone) ~5mm
Opal size 4x6mm
Diamond size 1-2mm

All natural diamonds are ethically mined in keeping with the Kimberley Accord.

This White Australian Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring is handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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