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Demi Naples Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring

Sunstone (5mm)

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Sunstone (5mm)
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The Demi Naples Solitaire Ring features a 5mm peach pink sunstone in a nature inspired twig setting.

This unique solitaire sunstone ring is crafted from a natural gemstone found in the Ponderosa Mine, Oregon. Each stone varies slightly in color and shade.

Warm peach, orange, and pink hues burst forth in unmitigated beauty in our magnificent Demi Naples Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring. This nature-inspired ring features a stunning 5mm peachy pink sunstone set in a wrapped twig setting. The delicate twig design brings to mind the beauty of a walk in the forest, while the sunstone evokes the warmth of a summer day.

The Demi Naples Oregon Sunstone Solitaire Ring melds its faceted and shining stone surface with an organic design to produce an engagement ring that is as glamorous as it is grounding. Available in solid gold or platinum, this ring is a true celebration of the beauty and wonder of nature and provides the perfect statement piece for any outfit.



The Naples Collection is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of nature. Each ring is handcrafted using a real American Winterberry Holly twig, carefully chosen for its delicate and stunning spring leaf buds. The natural beauty of the twig is preserved through an intricate process of casting it in wax and wrapping it meticulously around the ring's center setting.

What makes these rings truly unique is that every detail, bud, and texture in the original twig is imprinted in the final ring, capturing the essence of nature's design. The raw sapphires are cast directly into the ring, creating a seamless and harmonious design that enhances the natural beauty of the holly twig.

At the heart of the Naples Collection is the belief that nature is a source of inspiration, beauty, and awe. These rings remind us to appreciate the small, intricate details that make up the world around us, and to cherish the moments of wonder and magic that nature brings. The result is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that exudes an organic touch and a deep appreciation for the natural world.



Sunstone is a sacred gem that glows with the radiance of the sun. Its energy is a powerful representation of the divine masculine, bringing courage, vitality, and strength to those who seek it. In the language of astrology, sunstone resonates with the fiery energy of the Sun, which rules the zodiac sign of Leo. This gemstone is believed to promote creativity, self-expression, and leadership, encouraging us to shine our inner light and share our unique gifts with the world. Sunstone is also said to bring abundance and prosperity, helping us manifest our desires with confidence and grace. As we connect with the spiritual essence of sunstone, we are reminded of our own inner power and encouraged to embrace the fullness of our being.


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Band width 1-2mm
Band thickness 1mm
Setting height 6mm
Setting width 7-8.5mm
Sunstone size 5mm diameter, ~ 0.45ct

This natural gemstone ring is made with an ethically sourced sunstone.

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% recycled gold.

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